AIX 2018: Astronics delivers new in-seat power system

Astronics has delivered its UltraLite in-seat power system set for line-fit on Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft for TUI airlines.

The EmPower UltraLite system is a new lightweight architecture providing high-output USB power for passenger use without the need for a power supply unit installed at each seat group. The result is a lower-cost, lower-weight system when compared with traditional seat-group-based architecture.

Astronics has been developing and delivering intelligent power management systems to the aerospace industry for over 20 years and its EmPower in-seat power system is currently in service with more than 230 airlines. The UltraLite system is now line-fit-offerable on any Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft and soon to be line-fit on Airbus aircraft.

Dennis Markert, director of business development, Astronics AES, expressed his delight at announcing TUI as the line-fit launch customer for the new UltraLite system saying:  “We are confident that our in-seat power solution will deliver an excellent passenger experience. The installation went flawlessly and the system is performing well.”

Exhibiting at this year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo, Astronics has also introduced its new smart wireless handset – an all-in-one passenger phone and control unit for IFE, lighting, seat control, flight information and more.

Providing end-to-end solutions within the global aerospace, defense and semiconductor industries, Astronics has also been showcasing its latest wireless charging module, which enables passengers to charge personal electronic devices (PEDs) wirelessly while on board. Optimised for aircraft, this innovative product integrates into the cabin environment with placement options in passenger seats, furniture or galleys and provides an output of up to 15W in support of quick charging enabled devices. Astronics’ design also ensures a wide placement radius for the PED to receive the charge.

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