AIX 2015: Thales rebrands IFEC activity as Thales InFlyt Experience

Following its acquisition of LiveTV, Thales has revealed the re-branding of its in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC) offering as the Thales InFlyt Experience, which aims to entertain, connect, and inform both airlines and passengers before, during and after the flight and consists of three main elements: AVANT, FlytLive and FlytCare.AVANT is Thales’ Android IFE system, which is already flying on aircraft including the A350 XWB. FlytLive consists of a host of fast and secure broadband connectivity, connected services, and live content management services. Finally, FlytCare is a maintenance and repair service leveraged by Thales’s global support network.By providing airlines with a connectivity-enabled Android platform, underpinned by application development services, Thales aims to enhance business to consumer marketing, ancillary revenue generation, flight monitoring, data analytics and reporting to manage and utilise information and live content as part of one fully integrated and optimised solution.“We believe Thales InFlyt Experience is going to revolutionise passenger air travel and the way airlines see IFE providers. Our state-of-the-art AVANT Android system and associated FlytLive connectivity solutions enable an unrivalled passenger experience whilst providing airlines with exceptional value for money and return on investment,” commented Dominique Giannoni, VP Thales and CEO of Thales InFlyt Experience. “Thales’s heritage as a leader in civil aerospace has enabled us to build one of the most successful in-flight entertainment companies in the world and now with the integration of LiveTV’s activities completing our offer, we are ready to reach new heights for the benefit of our airline customers.”

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