AIX 2015: Panasonic celebrates 700th eXConnect installation

Panasonic Avionics Corporation (Panasonic) has installed its eXConnect in-flight Wi-Fi system on a total of 700 aircraft.The company installed 250 aircraft with eXConnect in 2014, and has over 300 further installations planned for this year in order to achieve the 1,000th eXConnect installation in 1Q 2016. In total, 56 airlines, seven of which have committed in the last 8 weeks, have committed over 2,200 aircraft to Panasonic’s eXConnect system.Panasonic Avionics president and CEO, Paul Margis, said, “We believe that every aircraft should be connected, regardless of its mission. What was once viewed as a passenger amenity has quickly become a business imperative for our customers.“The connectivity discussion with our customers has moved beyond the size of the pipe. What matters most for our customers is how they can use connectivity to improve their business. Only Panasonic provides an ecosystem that uses connectivity for a wide array of services benefitting both the passenger and the airlines’ bottom line.”The company plans to introduce massive capacity increases later this year, including 200mbps over the continental US, the Atlantic Ocean and into Europe with High Throughput Satellite (HTS) to provide increased bandwidth. Moreover, with future updates planned over Europe and Asia, it’s predicted HTS will cover all of the world’s high traffic areas by Q4 2017.

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