AIX 2015: Airline Services Interiors awarded BA 747 IFE upgrade work

Airline Services Interiors, one of three distinct divisions under a new streamlined structure announced by Airline Services Ltd at the at Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, has been awarded a contract to integrate a new in-flight entertainment (IFE) system on 18 Boeing 747 aircraft operated by British Airways.Airline Services Interiors will be responsible for the design, certification and manufacture of the modification kits to integrate the new IFE system on all classes of passenger seating. The company is working with IFE provider Panasonic and aircraft integrator, Zodiac NAT, to fit Panasonic’s next generation eX3 IFE system, which will be installed from September 2015 by British Airways Interiors Engineering at its facility in Blackwood, Wales.As a further part of the upgrade, Airline Services Interiors has integrated new universal power sockets at every seat in World Traveller Plus (premium economy) together with individual USB sockets to allow customers to power their phones and tablets.The cabin interiors of the British Airways 747s are also being refreshed so they match those on the airline’s new A380 and 787 aircraft and Airline Services Interiors has developed new fitted seat covers to improve comfort and appearance.Headed by MD Martin Barnes, Airline Services Interiors’ portfolio comprises three market focused capabilities: Through Life Services, Engineered Products and Managed Solutions (which is responsible for the British Airways IFE upgrade). The trial integration and first article seat build is being carried out at Airline Services Interiors Passenger Seating Centre of Excellence, which is co-located with the design and manufacturing teams in Manchester, UK.

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