AIX 2014: Tray bien – Recaro signs up Inviseo

Inviseo Media has signed a deal with Recaro whereby its innovative InviseoTable (IVT) seat-back tray table will come as a line fit option on the former’s seats.The IVT makes the most of a piece of advertising space that passengers are looking at during their whole flight. According to MD Georg Berger, the idea behind the innovation is quite simple – the IVT features a high-quality full-colour printed advertisement that is mounted in a removable thermoplastic cartridge, which is both resilient and splash/moisture proof, plus there is no additional weight over a standard tray table.He explained, “I first approached Recaro more than 17 years ago. I am so pleased to see the IVT offered as a line fit option now. We have proved that those 40 minutes of flight -20 minutes each for take off and landing – are really valuable. Each passenger reads the seat back at least three times, and the message sticks.”The IVT is now flying with flybe and German Wings. The table is fully FAA-certified and we now have opened up the market so that airlines and partners can buy the IVT outright and take control of how they use it for marketing and advertising. That way they get to keep 100% of the revenue.”Georg adds, "It's just a money-making machine for airlines who adopt it."Liz Moscrop, Inflight/Inflight-Online.comHamburg

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