AIX 2014: Lufthansa Technik reveals faster WAP router

Lufthansa Technik has launched a new wireless access point (WAP) at Aircraft Interiors Expo claiming that the system already supports Very High Throughput (VHT) to IEEE 802.11ac – the next-generation Wi-Fi standard that is not yet widely used on the ground – in the aircraft.

The WAP will enable transfer speeds of 1.3 Gigabits per second (Gbps). Moreover, because the antennae are fully integrated for the first time, the router is designed to offer easier installation, maintenance and exchangeability.
The new WAP product has been developed by Lufthansa Technik's Original Equipment Innovation department and is based on technology from Aruba Networks. The system can be installed as an integrated unit and allows applications in parallel such as video to internet, games, communications or airline-specific content.
"To be able to offer an appropriately qualified aircraft component in parallel to the market launch of a new Wi-Fi standard in the consumer industry was of critical importance to this development," commented Dr. Jan Remmer ter Haseborg, development engineer for Lufthansa Technik.
Passengers will be able to put the new high-speed access to use from this Summer. The WAP is part of Lufthansa's BoardConnect product which will be available initially on 20 of the German carrier's Airbus A321 aircraft from the Spring of 2014. To use the service, passengers will need to connect to the on-board infotainment server by WLAN via their own laptop, tablet or smartphone – using the Lufthansa Technik WAP.

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