AIX 2014: BAE Systems pairs with Samsung to offer new generation IFE

BAE Systems announced a new partnership with Samsung Electronics to offer in-flight entertainment via Samsung Galaxy devices and content services, as well as crew management of the cabin system via Galaxy devices.

Airline support would come via BAE Systems’ global support network, and the systems would be integrated within the latter’s IntelliCabin cabin management architecture.Carriers would hand out the Samsung devices, which could also be added to the seatback and given to crew for the customer. The screens are the highest quality available on PEDs today.IntelliCabin, meanwhile, is an integrated, flexible, adaptable, and scalable system that integrates with other cabin systems to enhance the passenger experience and reduce crew workload. Airlines can instantly also see diagnostics, meaning they can repair faults in a timely fashion and reduce operating costs. The CMS also optimises power, distributing it to where it's needed by taking it from where it's not being used.Galaxy is due to launch the S5 this week.

Liz Moscrop, Inflight /

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