AIX 2014: Armed and ready for action – Bucher’s new tablet mount

Bucher Aerospace has launched a new rotating tablet stand that is designed to be simple and easy to install and use.

It can also be placed at any angle, enabling passengers to fit the mount at exactly the height they prefer to watch their video. This adds leg and arm room that’s suitable for each individual. The firm can also add tilt if customers wish.Bucher already offers several systems that can be tailored to customer requests, depending on the available space in the seating area, seat type, monitor size and cable diameter. Its modular design and small number of components makes maintenance simple, and it has long life as it is lighter than previous systems.CEO Francisco Aguilera (pictured right) says, “This combination reduces the cost of ownership, by lowering the cost of fuel and maintenance for our customers.”Private jet customers can opt for different colours, or a chrome finish.

Liz Moscrop, Inflight/

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