AIX 2014: Allegiant eyes wearable technology as FlyDesk rolls out

Hamburg, AIX 2014, Allegiant Systems was having fun demonstrating a new wearable technology concept at its booth. A similar idea to Google Glass, the spectacles, dubbed VueZix, can be equipped with face recognition software, which can link to the passenger manifest and give crew immediate access to information about each passenger’s preferences, enabling them to offer a highly personalised service.Although the glasses look cumbersome, CEO Brian C Mooney explains, “The idea is conceptual and we are trying it out. Without experimenting with new technologies we’ll never know what works and what doesn’t.”Allegiant, part of the Global Eagle group, is best known for its FlyDesk products – software that sits on iPads eliminates the need for paperwork. Earlier this month Allegiant Air launched the company’s FlyDesk cabin solution across its fleet, whereby it provides iPads to all 700 flight attendants at the carrier. The iPads are equipped with the FlyDesk cabin reports, messaging and manuals apps. In the first week alone, 300 Flight Attendants downloaded the application and the remaining 400 are expected to go live with FlyDesk Cabin Reports and Manuals before the end of April. The carrier is currently in discussion with the FAA for approval of an electronic regulatory manual that all flight attendants must carry.This “paperless” cabin cuts back on unnecessary weight, while facilitating accuracy of manuals, improving efficiency and decreasing operational costs. Messaging enables carriers to distribute valuable travel information to crew, such as weather updates, operational issues and procedures. Once read, it is possible to track who has read and acknowledged the message in real-time – making it a very valuable tool for ensuring compliance with required manual revisions.“We completed a four-month trial of the FlyDesk Cabin Reports and Manuals applications in 2013 and the response from the Flight Attendants was fantastic,” says Jay Lee, director, of inflight training, standards and compliance at Allegiant Air.“Traditionally, rolling out new manuals or revisions can be a lengthy process that can take weeks to complete and a great deal of manpower to implement,” adds Mooney. “The FlyDesk solution is a tool that will help Allegiant Air be more efficient in rolling out new manuals and revisions.”Liz Moscrop, editor Inflight/Inflight OnlineHamburg Aircraft Interiors Show, 2014

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