AIX 2012: Royal Air Maroc to install RAVE IFE on Boeing aircraft

Royal Air Maroc has opted to equip three of its B767 aircraft and one B747 aircraft with The IMS Company’s RAVE inflight entertainment (IFE) system.

Installations will begin in the fourth quarter of 2012 and each aircraft will have 15-inch displays in Business Class and 9-inch displays in Economy Class.
“Royal Air Maroc needed a system that could be delivered with an aggressive schedule, without sacrificing features and reliability and at a competitive price,” commented Vice President Sales and Marketing, Harry Gray. “The IMS RAVE solution was the only choice in the industry that met all three objectives.”
In RAVE’s architecture the system control unit (SCU) provides the interface to the aircraft Passenger Service System. It performs bulk content loads in the background while the current content is played back to the passenger. The SCU also distributes video in real-time such as safety videos and boarding music via the fault tolerant gigabit Ethernet cabin network.
The simplified network eliminates seat-boxes and provides slim, light-weight, low-power seat displays.The high-definition display SDUs with touch screens are fully interchangeable and can be replaced in the event of service failure with no impact on any other seat. The SDU storage is solid state, upgradeable and the capacity is defined by each airline to fit its content strategy.

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