AirSatOne and RingCentral to provide business passengers with uninterrupted communication

AirSatOne, an aircraft satellite communications airtime provider, has certified RingCentral’s VoIP app, allowing business jet passengers a seamless transition between cellular and Wi-Fi services on their own personal electric device (PED).

Accessible through AirSatOne’s free sat com management service – FlightStream SA – RingCentral’s cloud-based system is compatible with iOS or Android devices, and allows a sustained connection for voice, fax, text, global conferencing, and online meetings during flight. Calls can also be forwarded from other devices including those at home or the office.
According to Jo Kremsreiter, president of AirSatOne, “FlightStream SA frees up bandwidth by blocking advertisements and provides text and image compression. This ensures that the end-user gets the best results while using RingCentral for VoIP phone calls.”
Once airborne, the system recognises the strongest network signal, automatically transferring to the aircraft’s Satcom-based Wi-Fi service when access to the cellular network is lost.
As a cloud-based VoIP PBX (Private Branch Exchange) solution, no aircraft hardware or software installation is required.
RingCentral offers a free 30-day trial and plan subscriptions start at US$24.99 per month.

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