AirFi to release Venus box at AIX

AirFi is planning on showcasing its new hardware, the Venus box, at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg.
Like the current Moon AirFi box, the new Venus box enables airlines to stream content including newspapers and magazines in multiple languages, HTML 5 games and onboard chat as well as access crew interface functions and payment portals to passengers’ own devices in-flight.
However, Venus improves on Moon by offering an integrated moving map feature and automated aircraft positioning display.
“The Venus AirFi Box is robust and attractive. New materials and manufacturing techniques enable custom colours (the Moon box is grey) with a tight, durable, and modern design to help it handle the tough job of being a completely portable piece of cabin equipment,” elaborates Job Heimerikx, CEO at AirFi.
“Our latest technology can stream full HD video to as many as 22 passengers at the same time, or more passengers at lower resolutions. We’ve also added an ergonomic hand-grip, which will be appreciated by flight crew, catering providers, or whoever moves them around,” Heimerikx adds.
Airlines already using the Moon AirFi box, or those with Moon on order, can upgrade to Venus for an incremental hardware cost.

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