AirCloud opts for AppCarousel offering for new IFE solution

Mobile media and in-flight entertainment company, AirCloud, Inc., is developing a new in-flight entertainment (IFE) systemand has chosen AppCarousel as its platform partner.

"We were looking for a partner with a pioneering attitude and proven experience in developing core software platforms," commented President of AirCloud, Inc., Brad David. "After a comprehensive search, we determined that AppCarousel has the qualities, knowledge and core competency to meet our expectations."
AirCloud Entertainment is aiming to draw travellers away from static entertainment choices into a custom, individualised experience by offeringmedia, advertising and content services.
"We’re giving the passengers a rich line up of media and entertainment choices, making flights more comfortable, enjoyable, and productive," added David. "It takes years to build trust and partnerships in the entertainment industry and we already had that going for us.”
AppCarousel has the ability to pull together AirCloud Entertainment’s variety of apps and digital media into a personalised showcase that is available on all consumer devices via all networks.
"AppCarousel – and our parent company Wmode have been building app stores and user experiences for many years, so in some ways, extending the service to in-flight entertainment is no different from our established services," explained Managing Director of AppCarousel, Terry Hughes.
Hughes describes the AirCloud service as a media and entertainment mall on an airplane, where the passenger can browse many different categories, access content, and pay for items by simply touching the screen.
"No longer will a traveller have to endure stagnant entertainment options," stated CEO of AirCloud, Inc., Gary Schmidt. "This mass improvement will bring revenue that could be the difference between long-term success and failure to an airline."

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