Aircell launches new technology roadmap

Aircell has unveiled ATG-4, an expanded technology roadmap for the delivery of its revolutionary and widely deployed Gogo Inflight Internet service.

The new Air-to-Ground (ATG) technology is the next generation version of the connectivity provider’s existing ATG system, including Ka-band satellite technology. These technology options will be selectable at the aircraft or fleet level and enable attractive solutions for every airline, aircraft and mission.
President and CEO of Aircell, Michael Small commented, "Between business and commercial aviation, there are currently more than 6,000 Aircell-equipped aircraft across ATG and satellite technology platforms. We’re thrilled to be the only inflight connectivity provider that can meet our partners’ full fleet needs in the United States today."
Aircell claim many larger aircraft with higher capacity needs will benefit from the improvements enabled by ATG-4 with a low cost and smaller equipment footprint as compared to satellite solutions. With the planned future global availability of Ka-based satellite service, Aircell state it can provide a Ku-based satellite solution for the international needs of its airline partners.
The technology roadmap aims to allow airlines to select the technology that best suits particular aircraft at a particular time, and to easily upgrade from one Aircell platform to another.
In the business aviation market, Aircell currently offers three different inflight technologies, including Iridium Satellite, Inmarsat SwiftBroadband (satellite) and Gogo Biz (ATG). Specific details about ATG-4 and Ka-band Satellite technologies for the business aviation market will be released in the coming months.

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