Aircell launches new communications system for business jets

Aircell has introduced ST 4300, a new in-flight communications system for business aircraft, which combines voice, narrowband data and cockpit data link services into a single unit.

Available with one, two or three Iridium voice/narrowband data channels, plus one dedicated Iridium data channel, the ST 4300 system allows business aircraft operators to configure cabin and flight deck communications based on their specific needs and budgets. It provides global service coverage – on the ground and in the air, at all altitudes and latitudes – including the polar regions.
The ST 4300 system also features an integrated 802.11b/g/n Wireless Access Point (WAP); PBX functionality for a full-featured voice experience and compatibility with the Gogo OnePhone – Aircell's newest cabin handset. Aircell designed the device to reduce installation weight and box count through combined functionality. The system can be provided as a standalone solution or paired with systems that provide in-flight internet service, such as Gogo Biz and SwiftBroadband.
In the future, the ST 4300 is expected to be eligible for FANS (Future Air Navigation System) certification. FANS technologies allow flight crews and air traffic controllers to exchange safety-sensitive flight information – such as clearances, requests and position reporting – via digital data link.
"The ST 4300 is a lightweight, modular communications system that can fill a wide range of cabin and cockpit communications needs," explained John Wade, Aircell's Executive Vice President and General Manager. "The system's scalability supports installation as a standalone solution or as one element in an aircraft's comprehensive communications suite.”
Initial ST 4300 system shipments are expected to begin in June 2014.

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