Aircell launches ATG 2000 system for business aviation

Aircell has introduced the ATG 2000, a new equipment package offering Gogo Biz in-flight internet and voice service for the business aviation market.

Shipments of the system are planned to start as of 7th October. Joining the existing family of Gogo Biz equipment packages, the ATG 2000 is designed to effectively and affordably provide internet and voice services aboard aircraft with fewer users and/or lighter passenger loads, such as light jets and turboprops.

Aircell has also announced that Travel Management Company (TMC) is the launch customer for the ATG 2000, adding the system to its entire light jet charter fleet of nearly 70 aircraft. Once installations are complete next month, the Gogo Biz service will be available onboard.

The ATG 2000 offering includes general web browsing and e-mail with a mobile broadband experience; optional voice service; the ability to make two simultaneous voice calls; compatiblity with the Gogo Text & Talk service; compatibility with the Gogo OnePhone cabin handset, and connection for up to three personal devices.

The ATG 2000 doesn't enable streaming video/audio services and as the system supports a limited number of user devices, data consumption can be restricted which is claimed to help manage monthly service costs.

"The ATG 2000 is a great new equipment option that offers the most popular Gogo Biz connectivity and voice services in an affordable equipment package," said John Wade, Aircell's executive vice president and general manager. "Among other segments, we expect it to be a popular option for light jets and turboprops, as well as for customers replacing MagnaStar systems prior to the Airfone shutdown on December 31 this year.”

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