Airbus selects Rockwell’s EFB solution for A320/A330 family aircraft

From 2016, airlines receiving new Airbus A320 and A330 family aircraft will have the option of incorporating the Rockwell Collins' electronic flight bag (EFB) interface and communication unit (EICU).
Part of Rockwell Collins’ Secure Server Router product portfolio, the EICU leverages technology from the onboard information management system the company already supplies for other Airbus aircraft types.
The EICU’s embedded router securely connects portable and factory-installed EFBs in the cockpit via wireless or wired connections as well as allowing EFBs to interconnect with select onboard and external networks, including the avionics, maintenance information, airline operating centres, connecting gates and the cabin.
The unit also features a virtual digital aircraft condition monitoring system (ACMS) recorder (VDAR) that leverages the ground cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity to automatically download quick access recorder (QAR) files to airline ground servers.
“The EICU is another step in the progression of our information management solutions strategy and an extension of the success we’ve had with Airbus on other aircraft types,” explained Greg Irmen, VP and general manager of flight controls and information systems for Rockwell Collins. “This new EFB solution for A320s and A330s is central to onboard and off-aircraft networks. It enables pilots to quickly and efficiently connect with essential decision-making tools to make flight operations safer and more efficient.”

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