Airbus launches new cabin brand ‘Airspace by Airbus’

Airbus has launched 'Airspace by Airbus', a cabin brand under which it hopes to maximise passenger comfort with airline operations. The forthcoming A330neo will be the first aircraft to carry the ‘brand’.

Dr. Kiran Rao, Airbus’ executive vice president of Strategy and Marketing commented: “The new A330neo is the launch vehicle for this brand, which along with the A350 XWB begins a new family of Airbus cabins. These will inspire and empower airlines to build the next generation of personalized flying experience for their passengers, while and at the same time optimizing the economic performance of their aircraft space.”Airspace by Airbus comprises four key elements:‘Comfort' which offers more personal and relaxing space through wider seats and aisles, and unobstructed under-seat foot space;‘Ambience' is enhanced with LED mood lighting, quietness and overall sense of space;'Next generation ‘Services’ throughout the cabin provide interactive entertainment and connectivity;'Design’ elements which create visually appealing customisable cabins and ergonomic features and are also ‘designed to perform’ for the benefit of the airlines’ operations. This includes a flexible canvas as a back-drop to enhance the airlines’ own brand.

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