Airbus BizLab selected start-ups have strong focus on passenger experience

Airbus BizLab, a global aerospace business accelerator where start-ups and Airbus “intrapreneurs” (internal entrepreneurs) can work together to speed up transforming their innovative ideas into valuable business, has selected the start-ups that submitted their project’s proposals for the Airbus business accelerators in Hamburg, Germany and Bangalore, India, in their latest calls.

The six start-ups selected in Hamburg include Jetlite from Germany, who is proposing increasing passenger comfort and decreasing jetlag by an innovative use of the existing cabin lighting LED- system and Velmenni from Estonia/India who hopes to create a new wireless technology for high speed data transmission using visible light.The four start-ups selected in Bangalore are the Indian-based Blue Morfo which is developing a mobile application to detect and prevent specific corporate health related issues, like exposure of airline crew to jetlag, cabin pressurisation, etc. Shoonya Games from India is proposing interactive gaming solutions for training and marketing purposes through the use of Virtual Reality and 3D technologies embedded in a mobile device.Open Turf from India is looking at providing wireless in-flight entertainment using passenger personal devices while the US-based Qualitas offers automated quality inspection systems for manufacturing, specialising in 2D and 3D machine vision.Airbus offers projects a comprehensive support through a six-month acceleration programme. The selected start-ups will interact with a large number of Airbus experts from various domains (technology, legal, finance, marketing, etc.) and will benefit from a dedicated mentor. They will have office space and access to prototyping and test facilities. A dedicated demo day with Airbus decision makers, partners, subsidiaries, customers, and venture capital will be also offered.

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