Air Transat becomes first customer for GEE’s new app-based IFE service

tCanadian leisure airline, Air Transat has become the launch customer for Global Eagle Entertainment’s new app-based Airtime Content-to-Go inflight entertainment (IFE) service.
tAir Transat will now provide its passengers on its Boeing 737 fleet, with a customised version of Airtime Content-to-Go, branded to the airline's popular ‘CinePlus B' entertainment offering.ttAirtime Content-to-Go provides a fast-to-market inflight entertainment service that requires no installed hardware onboard the plane. Passengers download a mobile app and content pre-flight on their smartphones and tablets to enjoy a wide range of movies, TV shows and other entertainment choices during their flight. The solution features Hollywood-approved Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology and integrates with an airline's reservation system to securely manage content viewing windows.ttJean-Francois Lemay, general manager, Air Transat, commented, "GEE's IFE service fulfils a real need in our global IFE strategy. This clever IFE app has enabled us to take our overall passenger experience to a whole new level virtually overnight."tt"Our new Airtime Content-to-Go solution was developed in collaboration with airlines across the globe that want to deliver a great passenger experience or better IFE consistency across their fleets," explained Alexis Steinman, SVP of Digital Media Solutions for GEE. "A large portion of the world's 21,000 passenger jets do not have seat-back IFE. Airtime Content-to-Go helps fill this void by delivering rich digital media – from movies and TV to e-publications and music – with the unprecedented flexibility that allows airlines such as Air Transat to elevate their passenger IFE experience like never before," Steinman noted.t

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