Air Serbia nearing IFE rollout

Air Serbia is expecting to roll out its in-flight entertainment system by the end of the year, following months of delay according to a news report.

Originally scheduled for the second quarter of 2015, chairman of Air Serbia's Supervisory Board, Siniša Mali, confirmed that the airline will offer passengers wireless internet connectivity on its Airbus fleet by year's end. "We are fully committed to ensuring that Air Serbia remains at the forefront of its regional peers in providing the best products and services for our guests …and that is why Air Serbia will have a Wi-Fi system on board its aircraft by the end of the year".
According to EX-YU Aviation News the airline’s Wi-Fly app will give passengers on board internet access, free content streaming of popular TV programmes, music and new film releases, and the ability to make calls in-flight.
The news site is also reporting that Slovenia’s Adria Airways is developing its own in-flight entertainment system, which it plans to introduce ‘in the near future’.
“Using this new system [‘In Flight Entertainment’], passengers will have a simple way to access important information about individual flights and general tips on air travel. The channel will also give access to a wide variety of entertainment options. At the same time, the system will enable more interaction between passengers and the company”, Adria’s CEO, Mark Anžur, comments.

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