Air France launches new ‘geotainment’ service on 777 fleet

Air France has selected Betria Interactive’s ‘FlightPath3D’ programme to become part of a next generation ‘geotainment’ and Moving Map service on its international 777 fleet.

Betria’s FlightPath3D offering is made up of street level city maps and multi-media point-of-interest information. It currently includes 25,000 named locations across the world, which can be accessed in up to 12 different languages. The service’s city destination guide covers 36 destination cities, with plans to expand and incorporate more Air France destination cities over time.

FlightPath3D was chosen by Air France and KLM’s product innovation team and will be available on high definition touchscreen monitors in all new passenger cabins (economy, premium business and La Première) as Air France progressively upgrades its fleet of 44 Boeing 777s. FlightPath3D will also be in use on KLM’s upgraded aircraft from November 2014.

The new ‘geotainment’ programme supports Panasonic’s latest Android Video Handset Remote Control. Speaking at the Air France 777 service re-launch Peter Verheijde, director of product innovation at AF-KLM commented, “FlightPath3D is a centrepiece in our new service offering and really demonstrates the capabilities of the new Panasonic in-seat experience and new premium video handsets.”

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