Air France begins delayed IFC trial

After announcing in November 2014 that it was equipping two Airbus A320s with in-flight connectivity (IFC) from Orange Business Services (Orange) for a three month trial phase – with the official launch for the platform due in summer 2015 – Air France has announced official testing finally began on the two aircraft on 12 January 2016.
An infographic on Air France’s twitter feed shows that passengers travelling on the two A320s, which operate medium- and short-haul routes, are told they will be on a connected flight 20 hours before departure.
Then, once they board the aircraft, passengers can choose one of two offers. The ‘Connect & Live Pass’ gives passengers access to the internet and Live TV, which the airline says includes France 2, France 24, Eurosport, BBC World News and Bloomberg. This service costs €5 on a short-haul flight and €10 on a medium-haul flight.
The other option available for purchase is the ‘Entertainment Pass,’ which costs €6 on both short- and medium-haul routes, and allows passengers to watch content from a choice of 30 films and 15 TV series or the option of playing games.
Air France’s infographic also states there are six Wi-Fi antennas on board each of the two Airbus A320s.

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