Air Canada and American to promote DVT awareness through IFE

Air Canada and American Airlines (American) have agreed to broadcast a deep vein thrombosis (DVT) awareness video on their in-flight entertainment (IFE) systems as part of DVT awareness month in March.
The video was created by Soxxy, a brand which is promoting leg health in-flight and on the ground.
The US Department of Transport approximates that 745 million airline passengers were carried in 2014, with estimating that “about 3-5% of air travellers suffer blood clots.”
“Our goal is to provide simple, everyday solutions that will improve passengers' leg health against DVT and other venous-related diseases," stated Soxxy CEO, Sarah Stabile. “Four percent of 745 million passengers is equal to 29.8 million passengers developing blood clots or DVT. If we can reduce that number by just one percent in the next two years that would be a huge achievement.”
To create the video, Soxxy partnered with leading vascular surgeon, Dr. Marsel Huribal, creating four tips to ensure leg health: CHIL.
'C’ stands for Soxxy’s ‘compression sox’ (the airlines will also sell ‘Soxxy compression sox’ onboard to promote the campaign); ‘H’ is for hydration; ‘I’ represents isometric exercises (ankle rotations and toe touches); and L is for leg elevation (passengers are encouraged to stand up and walk every 2 hours).

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