AEROSATCOM becomes VAR of Global Xpress

AEROSATCOM, formed in September 2015 as a joint venture between Eclipse and NSSLGlobal, has been appointed as a Value Added Reseller (VAR) for Inmarsat’s new Global Xpress (GX) service in the commercial government market.
The company was founded to meet the market need for an all-round aeronautical satellite communications company with the objective of bridging the gap between the governmental aircraft industry and government sector Mobile Satellite Services.
Andy Start, president of government at Inmarsat Global, remarked, “The government market for commercial satellite communications is, necessarily, a complex one. It comes with its own unique challenges, combined with the requirement for globally available, secure, seamless and flexible connectivity. To build business in this environment, especially for a completely new service such as GlobalXpress, requires channel partners with the right experience, expertise and depth of resources.
“AEROSATCOM, which is able to draw upon the expertise of two established industry players, is aligned perfectly with our strategy to grow the military, VVIP and Head of State aeronautical markets, offering the unique combination of our L-band SwiftBroadband service and our new high-speed, Ka-band global broadband service,” continued Start.
The company will both re-sell Inmarsat L-band and Ka-band airtime work closely with Inmarsat on the design, delivery and certification of government in-flight connectivity solutions.
“We are excited to have been appointed as an aeronautical Global Xpress VAR for Inmarsat Global Government,” commented Shaun Flanagan, sales director of AEROSATCOM. “AEROSATCOM is a unique Inmarsat distributor focussed completely on providing aeronautical solutions to the government sector. We provide our regional partners tools to address the aeronautical satcom needs of their government customers with the requisite technical and regulatory capabilities behind them.”

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