AeroMobile adds pre-pay option

AeroMobile is introducing a pre-paid in-flight mobile service designed to offer passengers greater convenience and airlines a range of new service possibilities.

The pre-paid service offers voice, SMS and GPRS capabilities. Subscriptions will be valid for an extended period, enabling travellers to use them over several flights. Users will also be able to check their account balance by dialling a short code and purchase more credit if required.

The service will use pre-paid SIM cards, distributed through AeroMobile’s airline customers and partners, to give passenger access to the service using their own mobile devices on any AeroMobile-equipped aircraft.

“The pre-paid service will enable our airline partners to provide an inexpensive and convenient means of inflight cellular communication to their cost-conscious passengers," says AeroMobile CEO Bjorn-Taale Sandberg. "This will also open up the possibility of new value-added amenities for premium or frequent flyer passengers, and could be used for crew applications too."

Sandberg says AeroMobile has combined its experience in inflight connectivity with parent company Telenor’s longstanding telecoms pedigree to produce the new service, and is confident it will become popular: “The pre-paid service will allow us to create an in-flight retail proposition that can be uniquely tailored to our partner airlines’ passenger demographic."

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