Aeromexico commits to Gogo 2Ku IFEC solution

Aeromexico has become the first airline to sign a definitive agreement with Gogo to install its next generation in-flight connectivity technology, 2Ku.

Gogo’s 2Ku in-flight internet and wireless in-flight entertainment solution will be rolled out on at least 58 aircraft operated by Aeromexico, including 20 Boeing 737 jets. The service is expected to become available to passengers in the fourth quarter of 2015.

Following the agreement Aeromexico's CEO Andres Conesa remarked, "The decision to deploy 2Ku is a natural fit for many of our 737 aircraft and it assures that our passengers will have the latest technology available at launch."

"Aeromexico's commitment to 2Ku is evidence of the advantages that 2Ku brings to the market – especially for aircraft that operate in tropical regions around the world," commented Michael Small, CEO of Gogo. Gogo asserts that 2Ku in-flight connectivity is especially useful for airlines operating in tropical regions, where other satellites degrade significantly due to restrictions associated with operating at high skew angles.

The aero-communications provider hopes that 2Ku can provide more bandwidth at less cost, due to being twice as spectrally efficient than other antenna in commercial aviation. The 2Ku antenna is also compatible with current and future Ku satellites. This flexibility avoids the single point of failure that comes with reliance on a single satellite for connectivity in a given region, offering Aeromexico a significant amount of reliability.

With projected speeds of 70mbps (which will apparently increase to 100mbps when new satellite technology becomes available), Gogo believes that 2Ku is the fastest solution available in the marketplace.

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