Aeroflot to introduce SITA’s CrewTablet

After a five month trial with 30 crew members, Aeroflot has decided to digitise its crew with SITA’s CrewTablet iPads, introducing 500 tablets during the last quarter of 2014 and then expanding to 1,200 in the near future.
SITA’s CrewTablet will decrease the weight of traditional paper manuals on-board Aeroflot aircraft, reducing fuel consumption. Receiving a 90% satisfaction rating for both technology and usability during the trial period, CrewTablets also allow flight attendants to access passenger and operational data in-flight, improving on-board operations and enhancing passenger experience. CrewTablet also has the flexibility to add more functionality as new applications are developed and requirements change.
“Aeroflot is one of the innovators – and the first in Russia – to use SITA CrewTablet technology to become more efficient in-flight,” said Steve Bakker, SITA’s president in Europe. “We are already working closely with Aeroflot to connect these tablets to an in-cabin wireless service to enable live communication while the plane is in the air. It’s all part of SITA’s wider e-Aircraft concept, which is set to revolutionise how an aircraft integrates with the airline’s ground operations.”
Aeroflot’s decision to install SITA’s CrewTablets is part of its larger innovation and mobility programme, which aims to keep the airline at the forefront of the market.

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