Aeria and Mahata Group form strategic partnership

Aeria Interactive is to bring Motus Ai advertising technology and games to Mahata-powered airlines. Aeria motus and Mahata Group have formed a partnership to provide Ad-Serving technology for the management of personalised advertising.

Mahata launched their wireless service earlier in January on Citilink Indonesia airlines, a member of Garuda Indonesia Group. Mahata Group and its connectivity and system partners Inmarsat and Lufthansa Systems reached an important milestone, with an 80% passenger uptake of the service for the month.

The strategic partnership will enable the integration of Motus AI, a patented ad-serving technology fusing the content stream with dynamic advertising placements. Advertising brands and agencies will be able to make use of the technology to place, manage and track campaigns in real-time through a web browser or their own Demand Side Platform (DSP).

The companies suggest that by combining Mahata’s connectivity technology with Aeria’s ability to create ancillary revenue streams through the Motus Ai Ad-serving tech and advertising opportunities, the move will help to cut the costs of wireless connectivity and entertainment.

The integration will begin on the internet-connected aircraft of Citilink Indonesia, followed by Garuda Indonesia Airlines, and later Sriwijaya Air.

Garuda Indonesia Group, together with its subsidiaries is host to over 220 aircraft. Aeria said that access to the Asian region in co-operation with Mahata Group will enable other Aeria partner airlines to piggyback on the current volume of passengers served. This combined volume will increase the ad revenue generated per user, benefiting all stakeholders involved.

“Aeria’s mission is to connect brands and travellers in an environment where the airlines can provide an exceptional experience to their passengers. Leveraging the synergies of both our companies to deliver rewarded advertising, it allows us to keep that brand promise and ultimately, drive revenue for our partners.”-Tammam Shaibani, CEO of Aeria Interactive.

“This partnership is significant as it paves the way to expanding Mahata’s Group offering to its clients and increase our global presence. Mahata Group could as a result extend its WiFi connectivity to interested Aeria Motus partners” – Iwan Setiawan, managing director of Mahata Group.


Ahead of the game

In another move that extends its reach in Asia, Aeria Interactive has also signed a deal with ROKKI to provide games to AirAsia’s in-flight entertainment system.

More than 1000 interactive games are expected to be added to AirAsia’s ROKKI in-flight entertainment platform as part of the memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed with Aeria Interactive.

Powered by Aeria Interactive’s ad-serving technology partner Motus, the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) solution will provide everything from arcade to puzzle games, sport games and games for children.

Multiplayer functionality and device-sharing will also form part of the deal with screen sharing and multiplayer options available for guests on-board.

Tammam Shaibani, CEO of Aeria Interactive said, “We are delighted to announce this MoU with ROKKI in order to bring gaming to travellers across AirAsia. ROKKI has some tremendous plans in the pipeline and we look forward to working closely with them to further develop these initiatives.”

Lalitha Sivanaser, CEO of ROKKI commented: “We work hard to provide an exciting inflight experience. The signing of this MoU will soon allow ROKKI customers to enjoy more than 1000 interactive games from the comfort of their seat. This ensures we can continue to stay creative, relevant, and build content that appeals to our guests, and we look forward to seeing this partnership come to life.”

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