Aer Lingus introduces new mood lighting on board

Aer Lingus has introduced a new customised mood lighting system to its fleet of aircraft to enhance the comfort of its guests.

The unique mood lighting, which features settings to fit the Aer Lingus brand, has been developed in partnership with Cobalt Aerospace to help the airline’s guests arrive at their destination more energised than ever.

The new lighting system is designed to provide a versatile cabin interior which can adapt to deliver ambient and functional lighting settings to fit each phase of each journey. From ‘Strong Blue’ to ‘Dim Lavender’, each of the carefully-curated lighting settings have been chosen with the wellbeing of the airline’s guests in mind.

Mike Rutter, Aer Lingus chief operating officer, said: “We are delighted to unveil the new LED mood lighting system which will further enhance the Aer Lingus guest in-flight experience. In recent years, we’ve invested significantly in our business, including the launch of a refreshed brand in January of this year to improve our value proposition, the overall guest experience and become Ireland’s only four star airline.

Aer Lingus worked closely with Cobalt to identify the ideal mood lighting for its guests and the airline. This process included testing thousands of colour variants and considering the furnishings, the on-board food offer, new Aer Lingus branding, Cabin Crew uniforms and more.

Currently 25 of Aer Lingus’ aircraft have been fitted with the experience-enhancing lighting, and the remainder of the fleet will be fitted during standard maintenance checks.

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