ACS and Gulfstream introduce HD LCD Monitors and Touchscreens for G650

Aircraft Cabin Systems, LLC (ACS) together with Gulfstream Aerospace have jointly developed HD LCD Video Monitors and LCD Touchscreens that interface with the Gulfstream Cabin Management System (GCMS) used on the new G650 business jet.

Three new HD LCD Video Monitors have been developed. A 26” Credenza monitor enhances the passenger video viewing experience. Two bulkhead monitors (26 and 17”) are placed in the cabin to facilitate passenger crew rest viewing.
The monitors display all current standard and high-definition video resolutions available from the GCMS which uses a noise immune, fault-tolerant, fiber-optic distribution technology. The system adheres to the Gulfstream Cabin-Essential design philosophy which claims that most single-point failures will be resolved or mitigated automatically.
Two new Touchscreens, one using a 10” LCD screen is located in the galley and the other using a 5.7” LCD screen is located in the vestibule. The aim of the locations is to allow easy access for cabin crew. The 10” is also used for pre-screening video sources as well as controlling a multitude of cabin functions such as window shades and video programming presented to the Cabin Video monitors.
Gulfstream and ACS have been developing the G650 Monitors and Touchscreens since 2009.

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