?Astronics receives STC to install webFB on Boeing 737s

Astronics has received both Parts Manufacturing Approval and a Supplemental Type Certificate from the FAA to install its webFB wireless electronic flight bag (EFB) on Boeing 737 aircraft.
This approval represents the first time a wireless aircraft interface device (AID) has been certified for use in the flight deck by the FAA.
“The webFB is a game-changer in terms of size, cost and ease of installation,” explained Jon Neal, VP and general manager of Astronics Ballard Technology. “There is nothing else like it in the marketplace. The wireless webFB device enables airlines to provide avionics data connectivity to their portable EFBs with a simple install requiring minimal downtime.”
webFB incorporates the capabilities of both an AID and a wireless server. The built-in AID safely gathers data from the aircraft’s ARINC 429 and 717 databuses and conveys it to custom software or EFB apps hosted on the internal server. Using a wireless connection to portable EFB tablets, the webFB securely delivers the information to flight crew.
Astronics says software partners are currently developing a variety of enhanced EFB applications for webFB focused on increased operational efficiencies including fuel and time savings, electronic tech logs and real time QAR monitoring and event notifications.
The new STC also approves the installation of the Astronics EmPower system in the flight deck with USB outlets for charging portable EFBs while in flight.

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