Gogo 2Ku exceeds 100 Mbps during test flight

Gogo has achieved speeds in excess of 100 Mbps using its proprietary 2Ku antenna during its latest test flight.

“When we launched 2Ku, we knew that the performance would get better with our next generation modem and new high-throughput satellites,” said Anand Chari, Gogo’s chief technology officer. “We have capacity on HTS satellites in orbit today and 2Ku’s open architecture allows us to take advantage of satellite innovations over time. We also continue to improve our aircraft hardware – servers, modems, antenna, and wireless access points. This performance achievement demonstrates the progress we’ve made on both fronts.”

“There are now more than 100 2Ku aircraft flying with our first-generation modem utilising existing wide-beam satellite technologies. Under these conditions, the technology is already delivering industry leading performance. With the new modem and HTS satellites, we are setting a very high bar for the industry,” said Michael Small, president and CEO of Gogo. “We are going to deliver this technology upgrade to our airline partners without needing to take an aircraft out of service, which is incredibly important for their operations.”

Gogo’s new modem upgrades the performance of both its 2Ku and Ku global satellite services. The proprietary features of the new modem significantly increase throughput and reliability to and from the aircraft. The modem also will support access to streaming video through the internet and live television programming through Gogo’s IPTV product – Gogo TV.

The new modem will be installed beginning in the second half of 2017. Eventually, it will be installed on more than 1,500 2Ku and 250 Ku aircraft across 13 leading airlines.

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