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LARA provides leading global coverage of the low-fare and regional aviation industry.


LARA magazine is the leading business-to-business publication dedicated to the low-fare and regional aviation industry. As the only dedicated media portfolio for this dynamic, emerging sector, LARA helps leading industry professionals to track the latest news and developments. Through features providing key information to help airlines run their operations more efficiently, LARA ensures that the decision-makers at these companies have all the relevant facts at their disposal. The coverage spreads across all the disciplines involved in running an airline, including fleet choices, financing, maintenance, sales, marketing, training, passenger service, plus government and regulatory issues.


LARA Specials are published 2-3 times per year to place additional focus on particularly important areas or topical issues affecting low-fare and regional airlines. The Specials canvas opinions of industry leaders and profile organisations flying high in the sectors under review, providing an ideal opportunity for participating companies to share their vision and raise awareness of new service solutions. Each Special is published as a supplement or dedicated internal section and distributed alongside a bi-monthly issue of LARA magazine.


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