INFOCUS was developed in response to a call for a greater level of comment, analysis and review from audiences spanning the HMG Aerospace portfolio. By zeroing in on a single topic, our expert editorial team can deliver a product which delves deep beneath the headlines, offering key insights and intelligent predictions.


The next edition of INFOCUS will focus on Air Cargo Operations is due for release in September 2024.


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Why focus on the air cargo market?


The air cargo sector, crucial during the Covid-19 pandemic, witnessed substantial growth. It is a vital part of the global supply chain, playing a major role in the aviation ecosystem by supporting critical areas such as aircraft manufacturing, operations, logistics, freight forwarding, transport, and airport infrastructure. Projections suggest the air cargo market will reach a value of US$175.24 billion by 2028.

INFOCUS will cover vital areas of air cargo operations, including:


Ground operations

Building on Regional Gateway’s expertise, we’ll assess the growing influence of regional and secondary airports on air freight. These airports need to invest in technologies for competitiveness, with examples like Cargo First at Bournemouth Airport. Our focus includes evaluating technologies, from security screening to automation, and assessing airport infrastructure readiness for increased freight volumes. We aim to provide a regional platform for seamless cargo operations, covering warehouse management, ground handling, container and pallet tracking, cargo management, and airport operations.

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Aircraft conversions

Building on LARA’s expertise, we delve into the notable revolution in regional and narrowbody aircraft. Specifically, there is a robust demand for B737-800 freighter conversions. Key initiatives in 2024, including Embraer’s E-Jet conversion, ATR’s new factory, Boeing’s Gatwick site, and the upcoming Airbus A321 conversions, will play a pivotal role. Our goal is to engage with aircraft OEMs, converters, market support services, regional cargo operators, regulators, service providers, and analysts to thoroughly explore global dynamics.

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Aircraft interiors

Building on Inflight’s expertise, we explore air cargo cabin modifications. These encompass various conversions tailored to operator and market needs, ranging from full conversions to adaptable passenger-to-freighter (P2F) programs. Notably, the aviation industry demonstrated cabin flexibility during the Covid-19 pandemic for diverse freight handling. This creativity will continue to influence cargo interior upgrades. We plan to collaborate with aircraft OEMs, cargo conversion houses, air cargo operators, airlines, packaging, handling, and cargo system providers shaping the future of air cargo shipment. Our focus is on highlighting cabin interior solutions supporting cargo across all aircraft types and configurations.

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