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Infocus is the new supplement series from Inflight, putting IFEC and passenger technology topics in the spotlight.

Produced 2–3 times per year, Infocus takes a detailed look at an evolving topic in the aviation technology spectrum that warrants additional focus and discussion. The supplements canvas opinion of industry leaders and profile organisations leading the way in the subject under review. In-depth editorial features explore the considerations airlines should take when deliberating future investments, and help suppliers to overcome challenges and identify new opportunities for efficiency or revenue gains.

The supplements are published and distributed alongside a bi-monthly issue of Inflight magazine, ensuring they reach a diverse global network of airline representatives, IFEC specialists and cabin technology professionals.

Infocus airports 2017

Published in Inflight July/August 2017

This year’s Infocus airports supplement, produced in association with Regional Gateway explores ‘the connected journey’ as passengers strive to remain online from departure gate to arrival. Editor Alexander Preston explains:

“One of aviation’s holy grails is the achievement of a seamless passenger journey. Technology is driving passenger satisfaction earlier in the journey as more airlines and airports offer connectivity services, but until recently the steps between the departure gate and the climb above 10,000 feet were a connectivity void. This Infocus supplement, brought to you by Inflight in association with Regional Gateway, looks at the current state of gate-to-gate connectivity, and its opportunities and potential for airlines and airports alike.”


  • Beyond the gates – With an increase in the number of connected devices being carried by passengers, Chloë Greenbank looks at how smart airports must maintain that connection before and after boarding.
  • Sky high surfing – With the in-flight Wi-Fi revolution now in full swing, Chloë Greenbank looks at what gate-to-gate connectivity means for airlines and their passengers.
  • At all altitudes – In the face of increasing popularity of personal electronic devices, outdated policies have been updated to allow their wider use in flight. Alexander Preston looks at the reversal of regulations.

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Infocus content 2017

Published in Inflight September/October 2017

The provision of in-flight entertainment has become one of the most expensive elements on an aircraft. With no cessation in the expanding variety of media available, or the broadening scope of passengers’ entertainment demands, appropriate selection and delivery of IFE content has never been so important for airlines around the globe.

The Infocus content supplement, published in the September/October 2017 issue of Inflight, looks at how and why airlines continue to invest in IFE, what their provision encompasses and the issues surrounding the curation, selection and storage of content. Features explore the steps airlines should take to achieve a viable return on their sizeable IFE investments.


  • The role of a CSP – What is a content service provider? How are they working with airlines and content distributors? Are they more than just a middleman? We look in detail at the services delivered by traditional CSPs, and study the emergence of high-end boutique providers.
  • Digital rights – Digital rights management… what is it, why is it important and what does it involve? Who is responsible for ensuring compliance? This feature provides the answers and highlights crucial differences between audio, film and television content.
  • Audio technology – Alarm bells or the sweet sound of success? From music to podcasts, this feature analyses audio content available for passengers. Are airlines catering for diverse passenger preferences? How is it sourced and what are the complexities involved?
  • Destination content – Perhaps surprisingly, the moving map is one of the most popular content streams on IFE systems worldwide. As destination content becomes more popular, how will airlines and passengers benefit? Which providers and third parties are involved?

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