Conference agenda quick preview

What to expect? 

The two-day conference will feature some of the sector’s most innovative thought-leaders, providing unparalleled opportunities for networking, education and collaboration. The event will delve into a diverse array of topics affecting low-fare and regional aviation’s ongoing development – and discuss just what the industry might look like in the coming years.

Delegates can expect to hear from some of the industry’s biggest names as the conference programme tackles some of the most pertinent issues facing low-fare and regional airlines in today’s market.

Sessions will explore recent trends including the emergence of ultra-low-cost and low-cost long haul models, with experts assessing the viability of these business models and their impact on legacy carriers. Analysts will provide detailed forecasts and projections for the market, with discussion panels on how suppliers need to act now to serve future demand and an exploration of emerging revenue opportunities associated with passenger growth and new technologies.


The new global event dedicated to low-fare and regional aviation. 

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