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The Inflight Workshop provides an open forum on the exhibition floor for lively debates on key topical issues led by expert panels of IFEC industry leaders.

Senior professionals from across major carriers, IFEC manufacturers and suppliers offer their opinion on topical issues affecting the market, discuss the latest product innovations and review recent developments in business strategy. Previous events have attracted panellists from major and regional Middle Eastern airlines, leading suppliers and innovative start-up entrepreneurs all listening to and debating on topical themes within the IFEC sector. The workshop is staged within the Inflight Pavilion of the AIME exhibition hall, with a diverse programme spanning two days.

Browse the session themes below for more information on the 2018 programme. The workshop culminates with the annual Inflight awards ceremony.

2018 Workshop schedule

Day one: 23 January 2018

11.00: Welcome address

11.15–12.00: Session 1 – Connectivity

12.45–13.15: Lunchtime educational – IFEC market intelligence

13.30–14.15: Session 2 – Mood lighting

14.30–15.15: Session 3 –  Ancillary revenues

15.30–16.15: Session 4 – Audio technology

Day two: 24 January 2018

10.45: Opening address

11.00-11.45: Session 5 – IFE retrofitting

12.00-12.45: Session 6 – Cabling

13.30-14.15: Session 7 – Passenger accessibility

14.20: Awards ceremony


Refreshments will be available throughout each day during the session breaks.

Session 1: Connectivity

Tuesday 23 January 2018: 11.15-12.00

How are satellite operators and service providers responding to increased airline demand?

As more and more airlines offer in-flight connectivity to passengers, this session will explore options for future investment to increase capacity, including next generation high-throughput satellites and advances in antenna technology.

Lunchtime educational: IFEC market intelligence

Tuesday 23 January 2018: 12.45-13.15

Market intelligence you can trust.

During this informal lunchtime discussion, Valour Consultancy’s Craig Foster will be on hand to share his invaluable insight into the future of in-flight entertainment and connectivity. A detailed breakdown of current market trends and likely future market direction will be followed by a Q&A session. A unique opportunity to inform your future strategy.

Session 2: Mood lighting

Tuesday 23 January 2018: 13.30-14.15

The impact of lighting on passenger experience is well documented, but how can airlines turn this into a tangible return on investment?

This session will explore how operators can use lighting to reinforce branding and create ancillary revenue opportunities while providing health benefits to passengers and crew alike. What developments are taking place in lighting technology to realise these goals?

Session 3: Ancillary revenues

Tuesday 23 January 2018: 14.30-15.15

How are airlines exploiting new revenue opportunities yielded by increased connectivity?

Often overlooked, connectivity is opening up new opportunities for ancillary revenues, such as tailored destination content, Wi-Fi sponsorship, duty free purchases and so on. How should airlines be exploiting this? Who is leading the way so far? How will passengers benefit?

Session 4: Audio technology

Tuesday 23 January 2018: 15.30-16.15

Is high quality IFE being supported by an equally impressive sound experience?

Advancements in IFE technology, while impressive, can be negated by a poor audio experience. How are OEMs working with headset manufacturers to ensure high quality screen technology is supported by an equally accomplished sound experience? What are the latest trends in headset designs, controls and audio jacks ?

Session 5: IFE retrofitting

Wednesday 24 January 2018: 11.00-11.45

An overview of the issues, considerations and best practices in IFE retrofit projects.

What do airlines need to know about planning and implementing a successful retrofit? The panel will reference case study projects to illustrate the practical challenges, obstacles and solutions involved.

Session 6: Cabling

Wednesday 24 January 2018: 12.00-12.45

What options exist to deliver high data transfer rates in the connected aircraft?

The focus on cabling has become far more pronounced since the advent of the connected aircraft. Passengers expect to be fully charged, and fully connected. How can airlines ensure they deliver a consistent satisfactory experience? This session will look at weight and safety considerations, and discuss what impact the imminent arrival of HD content will have.

Session 7: Passenger accessibility

Wednesday 24 January 2018: 13.30-14.15

Are airlines delivering a seamless, enjoyable experience for disabled passengers?

How do airlines cater to passengers with diverse accessibility requirements, particularly those hidden disabilities? Where are improvements needed? The session will focus on crew training, cabin design and how airlines are collaborating with airports to ensure a smooth travel experience.