The Inflight Workshop provides an open forum on the exhibition floor for lively debates on key topical issues led by panels of IFEC, cabin technology and aircraft interiors industry experts.

Senior decision makers from across major carriers, manufacturers and suppliers will offer their opinion on the latest developments affecting the market, discuss new product innovations and review their impact on ongoing business strategy.

The workshop will be staged on Wednesday 1 November 2017, taking place within the Inflight Pavilion of the MRO Asia-Pacific exhibition hall. The workshop will follow a diverse programme of five sessions, each featuring a panel of up to five professionals with expertise on the topic in hand, led by an independent moderator.

Browse the session themes below for more information on the 2017 programme. The day culminates with the Inflight Asia-Pacific Awards ceremony.

Workshop schedule

10:30: Welcome address

10:45–11:30: Session 1 – Connectivity: The best fit

11:30–11:45: Coffee break

11:45–12:30: Session 2 – IFE: Seat-back or in the lap?

12:30–13:30: Lunch break

13:30–14:15: Session 3 – Cabin lighting: Lighten the mood

14:15–15:00: Session 4 – Content: Locally sourced

15:00–15:15: Coffee break

15:15–16:00: Session 5 – Supply chain management: Chain reaction

16:15: Inflight Asia-Pacific Awards

Please note, this schedule is provisional and subject to change.

Session 1 – The best fit

Theme: Connectivity

Wednesday 1 November 2017: 10:45–11:30

Helping airlines to make informed decisions on Wi-Fi implementation.

It is estimated that only 3% of the aircraft operating today in the Asia-Pacific region offer Wi-Fi, despite its popularity among passengers. There is a clear opportunity for implementation on both long-haul flights, and short haul, where it is traditionally less prevalent. Do airlines know enough about connectivity to make informed decisions about band selection, service-level agreements, usage behaviour and so on?

This session is a must for airlines looking to deploy Wi-Fi for the first time, or even considering further roll-outs.

Session 2 – Seat back or in the lap?

Theme: In-flight entertainment (IFE)

Wednesday 1 November 2017: 11:45–12:30

Exploring the rise of BYOD. Is the end of embedded screens upon us?

Has the recent decision by American Airlines to abandon embedded screens for its forthcoming Boeing 737 MAX aircraft signalled the end of seat-back IFE? What does the future of IFE look like in a world dominated by personal electronic devices?

Hear what American Airlines’ decision means for embedded screens across both narrow-body and wide-body aircraft in the region and whether bring-your-own devices are a silver bullet for cost-conscious airlines.

Session 3 – Lighten the mood

Theme: Cabin lighting

Wednesday 1 November 2017: 13:30–14:15

How is lighting technology achieving operational and maintenance benefits?

As airlines adopt LEDs and more human-centric lighting on board, how is lighting technology being used to improve cabin ambience while simultaneously achieving operational and maintenance benefits? How has lighting become not just a source of illumination but a generator of loyalty, brand identity, ancillary revenues, safety compliance and so on?

If you’re feeling in the dark on such matters, this session is for you.

Session 4 – Sourced locally

Theme: Content

Wednesday 1 November 2017: 14:15–15:00

How are airlines adopting regional content to provide an authentic local experience?

Airlines are continually enhancing their IFE libraries, offering an ever-greater selection of content. To ensure carriers remain at the leading edge of entertainment and continue to offer passengers an enhanced experience, the breadth of regional content offerings (encompassing local languages, type, production, themes and so on) are increasing on short- and long-haul flights.

Find out how local content is becoming international and bringing a whole new audience to the screen.

Session 5 – Chain reaction

Theme: Supply chain management

Wednesday 1 November 2017: 15:15–16:00

Do MRO companies have the capability and agility to adequately support airline operations?

With airlines upgrading their fleets and investing in new aircraft deliveries, does the supply chain help or hinder the operations of a carrier?

Are MRO companies well placed as partners to embrace new technologies? Do they have the skill sets, capabilities and agility to respond to unplanned and scheduled MRO programmes? What role do original equipment manufacturers have to play in the supply chain?

Plugging gaps in the supply chain to reduce downtime and improve efficiencies are just some of the challenges to be discussed in this session.

Apply to be a panellist

Are you an expert in one of the themes above? Do you work directly in or with the Asia-Pacific region? Is the region integral to your company’s strategic development for 2018 and beyond?

If so, we’d love to hear from you.

Please email events director Becky Howells, briefly outlining your skills and experience relevant to the topic(s) of interest.