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Inflight Asia-Pacific is held in association with Aviation Week’s MRO Asia-Pacific. As ever, we are grateful to our sponsors and partners who help to make the event as successful and beneficial as possible for the IFEC community.

Browse the profiles below for further information on our event partners and sponsors.

Event partner: Aviation Week

Aviation Week Network is a highly-respected organiser of aviation and aerospace conferences, exhibitions, awards ceremonies, symposiums, and roundtables around the world. Aviation Week Network’s MRO focused series of conferences and exhibitions is the largest event series dedicated to the aviation maintenance industry.

Through MRO Asia-Pacific, Aviation Week continues to be the most reliable source for high-quality speakers and informative, useful and real-time content. It is the premier event in this region that brings together the aviation MRO industry, regionally and globally, to discuss the latest issues and concerns of operators and their service providers and suppliers.

Event organiser: HMG Aerospace

HMG Aerospace is a leading publisher, event organiser and intelligence provider dedicated to the international aerospace community. With titles spanning over 30 years within the aviation sector, the HMG Aerospace team comprises journalists and experts connected to industry leaders around the globe, offering unparalleled coverage on the latest developments in their respective markets. Whether you are looking to revitalise an existing publication, launch an innovative media title or require assistance in managing an event, HMG Aerospace has the expertise and experience required to meet your needs.

Media partner: Inflight

Inflight is the world’s premier independent provider of news, analysis and dedicated events for the IFEC and cabin technology sectors. The Inflight magazine, news portal and e-newsletters provide decision-makers in this rapidly evolving sector with an unbiased overview including expert market-sector analysis, news on the latest developments and event previews and reports. The bi-monthly magazine attracts over 18,000 qualified subscribers, including representatives from over 170 airlines around the world. Inflight also hosts its own industry event series, the Inflight Pavilion, Workshop and Awards held annually in the Middle East and Asia-Pacific regions.

Platinum sponsor: Global ONE Media

Global ONE Media is a unique in-flight entertainment content service provider. Our talent is in designing a complete media line-up that is based on an airline’s commercial strategy.

What we do is far extensive approach guaranteeing deliverables that are up to the standards while paying less. Simply put, we utilise and build complete media design and software to target the passenger that would not only reduce your cost but improve the quality and branding of your content.

Global ONE Media invests in new technologies with original equipment manufacturers developing hardware efficiencies while optimizing the software based application to achieve technological customization for aerospace clients. The airline’s Audio/Video/Software Content will play with exceptional streaming quality behind a powerful graphic unit interface that is designed not only to complete the commercial brand but also to provide an easy user friendly platform for airline passengers.

Global ONE Media has entered into an alliance and an expansion agreement with Hong Kong Aerospace Investment Group, Global Aerospace Technologies Group Co. to provide in-flight entertainment services to airlines around the globe.