Five questions to… ATR

Karine Guenan, ATR’s vice-president of customer and structured finance, gives an insight into its launch of a new ‘one-stop shop’ leasing, asset and freighter solutions division that she now leads.

Please give the background to ATR’s decision to create its new leasing, asset management and freighter department. Why has this been done?

Lessors and leasing solutions providers are key players in our market segment and we want to make their process of placing aircraft as smooth as possible. They are a different type of customer to airlines. This integrated new department has been created to ensure a consistent and co-ordinated worldwide approach from ATR in the relationship with its lessors. Creating this department is simply the most effective and efficient way of managing this activity. Effective asset management is important in ensuring the liquidity of our products, and freighter activities are another aspect of this process that needs to be considered.

What will its main functions be with regards to the key leasing players and the placement of new and used ATRs by them?

We needed a consistent approach to dealing with our customers in the leasing community. This department will be responsible for leading sales to the leasing community and facilitating the placement of their aircraft. The effective placement and asset management of ATR aircraft, in terms of fleet management, transitions and conversions will have a positive effect on business, maintaining the best possible liquidity for our products. In the challenging environment of the regional aviation market, airlines can often face capital limitations which can impact on their activity, in terms of buying and operating aircraft. This department will support operators, improving the liquidity of their aircraft.

Previously lessors might have dealt with several different ATR sales representatives for particular geographical areas, depending on their location in terms of their activities in both buying and placing aircraft. Lessors are a particularly distinct type of customer. By creating a ‘one-stop shop’, ATR is ensuring lessors receive a consistent, co-ordinated response which takes into account their specific needs, and it will make it easier to do business with them and support their activities.

Please give more detail on the planned delivery of associated services solutions to third-party leasing companies, brokers, integrators, financiers and investors.

We can use our market acumen to support their activities. ATR’s knowledge as a manufacturer allows us to connect stakeholders who may be able to benefit from working together. We naturally have a global overview of the aircraft requirements of the various interested parties and this allows us to make and encourage connections between them that will facilitate business, which is mutually beneficial for everyone involved.

How will this initiative further improve the already-impressive performance of ATR’s assets in the market?

This department will optimise the quick flow and turnaround of ATR’s aircraft, highlighting the quality, value retention and performance of our products.

Supporting lessors to place their aircraft is one of the most effective ways to encourage them to buy more aircraft. Naturally the quality of our products makes them attractive to a variety of regional operators. In today’s market, whether operators are interested in obtaining previous generation aircraft or need to manage the transition of their existing assets in order to obtain new
aircraft, ATR can support these activities. Naturally, we believe this will have a positive effect, allowing operators to simply focus their activities and capital on buying new aircraft.

This move by ATR appears to be part of a wider trend within the industry for manufacturers to provide more responsive customer-focused services, and improved integrated solutions. Do you see this as a general trend that will continue over the next few years?

In terms of whether this trend within the industry will continue, of course we can only speak for ourselves. ATR’s commitment to our customers and operators is certainly at the heart of the way we would like to operate and is an aspect of our business that we only see strengthening and deepening in the future. We understand the needs of our customers and operators and improving efficiency throughout our business with innovative solutions is beneficial to everyone.

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