Seeing the light

Ariana Khushal sees the light at STG Aerospace’s innovation and engineering centre in Wales.

STG Aerospace, the research-driven pioneer in aircraft cabin lighting, opened up its doors recently for customers, suppliers as well as academics to give them an exclusive look inside its innovation and engineering centre and to demonstrate its latest products. The event was held at Llantarnam Industrial Park, Cwmbran.

What caught my attention and perhaps was the highlight of this trip were the light innovations, in particular the world’s first blue glowing photoluminescent floor path marking called saf-Tglo blu, as well as advanced LED reading lights from its liTeMood range which optimises the passengers experience and delivers great performance.

The latter is a unique square lighting profile that offers the optimal uniformity of light ‘precisely’ defining the passenger space, as light will be distributed evenly in a square shape across the seating area and tray table, with zero light spill to the neighbouring seat. This will maximise the passenger’s privacy while reducing glare on tray tables, eBooks and tablets. I’m not going to explain all the technical terms of the light, but it was designed for excellent visual perception, that makes food look more appetising and magazines more appealing.

The light module simply locks into the existing reading light housing with no need to remove the light fitting or the PSU. “LiTeMood LED reading lights are over ten times more reliable than incandescent lights. It also enhances the passenger’s experience, reducing operational costs and lowering the thermal burden in the cabin,” said Nigel Duncan, CEO of STG Aerospace.

Safety is one of the main aspects of the company and that’s where the next generation of saf-Tglo comes in. The light shifts from the traditional green glow to a cool blue glow that will visually enhance the cabin without compromising passenger safety. In addition to optimising the glow colour, saf-Tglo blu provides a wider, brighter colour palette in ambient light. The light requires no power source, just a simple charge by the cabin lighting, and within minutes the aircraft can safely take off.

The narrowest, lightest and most discreet floor path marking solution available in over 300 colours, it was designed to suit more airlines and to add colour personalisation to each airline.

As the lights were switched off and we were presented with saf-Tglo blue there was no doubt in my mind, how different and fashionable it looked next to the green lights. We were also presented with different colours and patterns and I must say it looked very innovative, new and most importantly different to what I have seen before on aircraft.

I also heard that STG Aerospace has its first customer for its LED reading light, right in time to reveal it at Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg this April. It will be exciting to hear who they will announce as their mystery buyer.

Pictured (top): Nigel Duncan, CEO, STG Aerospace

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