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Market intelligence

Gain an insight into emerging sectors and draw on exclusive market intelligence to inform strategic decisions and grow your business.

In partnership with Valour Consultancy, HMG Aerospace offers actionable consultancy services and high-quality market research reports on the future of in-flight entertainment and connectivity. Applying detailed, reliable market intelligence to your company’s long-term strategic plan will help you to unlock new opportunities for potential growth and development, staying one step ahead of your competition.

With distinguished experience in the aviation sector, Valour Consultancy’s expert analysts ensure the delivery of accurate, timely and trusted data.

Benefit from:

  • Extensive primary research on the IFEC sector
  • Exclusive intelligence gathered from leading analysts with over 20 years of experience
  • Unrivalled time spent on research
  • Openness on the methodology and assumptions
  • Access to a quarterly tracker designed to keep users updated on installation activity and key trends
  • Follow-up support services

Find out more about the latest reports below:

The future of in-flight connectivity

Available now!

Since the first edition of Valour Consultancy’s in-flight connectivity report, the market has evolved rapidly. Several airlines have begun to move to a multi-source approach to connectivity and adoption is gathering pace outside of North America. A host of new players are jockeying for position, while service providers continue to roll out next-generation equipment that promises to make the very best of additional bandwidth now coming online. Furthermore, the industry has been gripped by fevered debate around the pros and cons associated with owning and leasing satellite capacity.

The third edition of Valour Consultancy’s highly-acclaimed “The future of IFC” report is available to order now. The study features comprehensive insight and analysis crucial to a complete understanding of the IFC market, allowing operators to review all available options ahead of major investment decisions.

The updated report will represent a timely update for any company with an interest in this exciting and fast-moving market. Historic connected aircraft numbers from 2011 to 2016 will be provided alongside forecasts out to 2026. Data will be segmented by fitment type, aircraft size, connectivity technology and geographic region with a full qualitative discussion of the key trends at play in support of this.

Key questions answered by the report include:

  • Which airlines currently provide in-flight Wi-Fi and/or in-flight cellular connectivity?
  • How quickly will the number of connected aircraft grow over the next ten years?
  • How does the number of connected aircraft vary by geographic region?
  • How do cumulative connections and annual installations break down by communications technology?
  • How do LCCs view in-flight connectivity and which business models are evolving in this segment of the market?
  • How are satellite operators engineering their services to meet the needs of increasingly bandwidth-hungry passengers, particularly in congested airspace?
  • What are the current and forecast service revenues, potential cost savings and expenses associated with implementing in-flight connectivity?
  • What is the current and future size of the market for key in-flight connectivity hardware?
  • Who are the leading suppliers of in-flight connectivity hardware? What is their market share?
  • What are the key drivers and inhibitors of market growth?
  • How is the competitive landscape changing and how will the entrance of new players affect market dynamics?

To discuss this report in more detail or place an order, please email research@hmgaerospace.com or complete the enquiry form below.

The future of in-flight entertainment

Available now!

Following on from the hugely popular 2015 edition on wireless IFE, this new and expanded report provides a detailed view of all embedded, overhead and portable IFE systems for an all-encompassing view of the market.

The popular first edition was purchased by a total of 16 companies across the IFE value chain. With 154 pages, 30 in-depth interviews, 45 tables and 17 charts, the scope of the latest report is unparalleled in the IFEC market. This makes it a must-have resource for all industry stakeholders.

Key questions answered by this report include:

  • How quickly will the number of IFE-equipped aircraft grow over the next ten years?
  • How will annual installations vary by product type, fitment type, aircraft size and geography?
  • Will wireless IFE replace or complement traditional seatback and overhead systems?
  • Will early window content become available on passengers’ own devices?
  • Who are the new and established players and what are the features, functionalities and capabilities of their offerings?
  • What are the business models for IFE and where do different approaches make the most sense?
  • What is the revenue potential for IFE and what are the costs involved in deploying IFE systems?
  • What are the relevant regulatory issues at play? Are there any standardisation efforts taking place?
  • Which airlines currently offer or are intending to introduce a W-IFE solution?
  • How does in-flight connectivity enhance what can be achieved with IFE systems?

Download a summarised table of contents here: The future of IFE – 2017 – Contents

Purchasers of this report keen to keep a more regular eye on the fast moving W-IFE space, can access statistics on its development every quarter for a discounted incremental fee.

To discuss this report in more detail or place an order, please email research@hmgaerospace.com or complete the enquiry form below.

The future of in-flight entertainment content

Available now!

Customer experience is crucial in today’s business world, and this is no different in the commercial aviation industry. Behind fare prices, in-flight experience is the second most crucial element passengers consider before choosing an airline.

Previous research has shown the backbone of a passenger’s experience is the breadth and quality of entertainment content available to them. Content service providers are constantly scanning today’s entertainment sphere and latest trends to discover new material. The expansion of connectivity in the air and the demand for real-time or time-sensitive content is also becoming more pronounced.

This independent holistic overview of the IFE content market focuses on all current and emerging content available today. From blockbuster movies to boutique documentaries to games and cached YouTube clips, this report explores the processes of procuring and selecting content for airlines, the licenses required and the regulations currently in play. The research also explores IFE user interface design trends, the growing desire to personalise customer experiences and how ancillary revenues can be maximised.

Key questions answered by this report include:

  • How big is the current IFE content market and how does this break down by movies, TV, music, games and other categories?
  • How is content demand changing and how quickly will the market grow over the next five years?
  • How are passenger expectations changing?
  • How important is a personalised digital content strategy?
  • What are the key trends for each region?
  • Is social media access or online content becoming more important than traditional content?
  • What is the value of ancillary revenues generated by IFE systems?
  • What are the trade-offs between an enriched content system or squeezing the bottom line?
  • How do each of the key content service providers fare against each other in different regions and who is looking likely to disrupt the market?
  • Could mobile apps and games re-invigorate the IFE content market?
  • What are the main trends around IFE user interface design?

To discuss this report in more detail or place an order, please email research@hmgaerospace.com or complete the enquiry form below.

Future technologies for smart airports

Available Q3 2018.

Drawing on its expertise around the connected aircraft, Valour Consultancy is developing a brand new report on airport technology.

Working closely with partners at P.A.ID Strategies (renowned for its knowledge of security, identity, biometrics and retail technologies and vendors) and SAR Insight & Consulting (expertise in connectivity and mobile), the report will feature in-depth analysis of the current market and explore the outlook for future adoption of various industry-changing technologies.

To discuss this report in more detail or place an order, please email research@hmgaerospace.com

The future of aircraft seating and in-seat power

Available Q4 2018.

Further information will follow shortly.

To discuss this report in more detail or place an order, please email research@hmgaerospace.com or complete the enquiry form below.


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Single-user licenses start from £3,700 per report, with special discounts available for airlines, corporate operators and research participants.

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