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THAI Airways selects OnAir in-flight connectivity on new fleet

News : THAI Airways selects OnAir in-flight connectivity on new fleet March 29, 2012
THAI Airways International’s (THAI) will equip its brand new wide-body regional and long-haul inter-continental aircraft with OnAir’s in-flight connectivity services.

Passengers will be able to use their own personal mobile devices in-flight by accessing Mobile OnAir and Internet OnAir products. The services will be available on selected THAI flights serving international destinations in Europe as well as destinations within the airline’s regional network, including Japan.

Installed initially on six Airbus A380 and seven Airbus A330 aircraft, the service is planned to be implemented at the end of Quarter 2 this year, with full roll-out completed by 2014. It is part of a major investment programme to modernise THAI’s in-flight products.
“In-flight Connectivity is yet another innovative service for THAI passengers, with 35 new wide-bodied aircraft to be deployed throughout our expanding network globally over the next five years,” commented THAI’s Executive Vice President, Product and Customer Services, Mr.Teerapol Chotichanapibal. “As we're raising the service levels for our passengers even higher, this marks a further milestone in taking our business into the very top league of global airlines.”

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