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News : LOOPIES: Guiding you on the ground and in the air

LOOPIES: Guiding you on the ground and in the air

Aerospace Engineering students Mohamed Shabaan, Mostafa Sohdy Abdelfattah, Ahmed Shabaan and Abdelrahman Awad – AKA Team FlyBoys from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada – have come up with a passenger experience concept named LOOPIES for the Airbus Fly Your Ideas competition with the aim of informing, guiding and entertaining passengers throughout their entire journey.

LOOPIES stands for ‘Leading On-flight & On-ground Passenger Informing & Entertainment Systems.’ The concept is huge, so has chosen to illustrate how it affects the passenger chronologically throughout their journey. 

Shabaan explains LOOPIES works in conjunction with a radio frequency identification (RFID) bracelet. “Conventional check-in sees you get a boarding pass after you check in and hand over your passport.
We want to make this process completely self-service. With LOOPIES, a passenger would go to a kiosk and type in their personal information and flight details. After that, a machine would dispense them an RFID bracelet. 
“It’s like contactless card payments. Rather than having to keep getting out their boarding pass, passengers can tap their RFID bracelet on a LOOPIES stand, which will identify them immediately.
“This should make movement throughout the airport much quicker. When you walk through Heathrow today, you see big screens displaying about 30 or 40 flights, but LOOPIES would be more personal. Tapping your bracelet on a LOOPIES stand would bring up information relevant only to you. For example, if you’re lost there could be a map leading you to your gate.
“Once you tap the LOOPIES screen at the gate it also comes up with a diagram to show the passenger where their seat is on the aircraft as well as the time estimated until boarding and take-off, so they have a sense of where they’re going before they board.”

Team FlyBoys estimates that Heathrow alone would need 1,000 LOOPIES displays.  This seems like a large number, but the LOOPIES solution would need far more bracelets, as the FlyBoys have designed them to be disposable. “It’s more cost effective because we don’t have to consider the wages necessary to process them all back and it’s less stressful for the passenger if they don’t have to remember to bring the bracelet with them every time they travel or giving it back to the airport. Also, it’s a nice souvenir.

“Every passenger will have his own account online which will always be there; you’ll just have a different identification number for each flight. One of the most valuable assets of the LOOPIES system is the data, which can track what passengers want to do. It could be sold to airlines, airports or even advertising companies.”
The basic function of LOOPIES is practical, but for Round Two of the Airbus Fly Your Ideas competition, the team introduced an entertainment aspect to the LOOPIES screen, to help passengers while away time in the airport in an interactive way. “That’s why we created SkyCall, where you can talk with someone else face to face around the world,” said Shabaan. 
“Otherwise, it’s all in the bracelet. First of all, it will tell you there’s fifteen minutes until boarding ends by vibrating. Or if there’s something wrong with the flight it tells you to go to the nearest LOOPIES stand for more information,” he adds.
“The airline usually boards business class passengers first, so at this point the lighting on the bracelets of business class passengers would go green, meaning they’re free to board. Once they’re on the aircraft, instead of having a flight attendant waving them left or right, we would design LED lighting on the aircraft to match the colour of the bracelet signalling which way to go.” 
That’s the overall gist, but revenue-building is where the FlyBoys team really impress. “Our report projects we would make $584m for airlines thanks to an increased flow of passengers as a result of LOOPIES,” Awad notes. “Every hour there are two aircrafts sitting at the gate. LOOPIES plans to be able to clear a minimum of 2.7 aircraft in that time, meaning more than 5 aircraft can take off every two hours instead of the previous four.”
This address the question of whether the industry is already moving towards this kind of set-up with iBeacons in the airport: The FlyBoys think LOOPIES goes further. Shabaan concludes, “We like to think of LOOPIES as a social network made for airports, where every passenger has his own unique account and each account has its own unique feed of information and entertainment.” 
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News : Arkefly launch fleetwide AirFi IFEC streaming solution

Arkefly launch fleetwide AirFi IFEC streaming solution

Arkefly, the charter carrier of TUI Group’s Dutch arm, has announced plans to launch MI Airline's portable in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC) system, AirFi, across its fleet.

AirFi allows passengers to log in and stream free IFE interactive content including games, magazines and news, video content, seat-to-seat messaging and opportunities to pre-book destination activities.

As well as in-flight streaming, in July AirFi boxes will be deployed at Arkefly’s two main bases of Amsterdam Schiphol and Eindhoven Airport in the Netherlands, as well as about 10 of its international destination airports. The shoebox-sized, battery operated boxes will be tucked away at departure gates, creating a free 3G-based Wi-Fi network for Arkefly guests at the airport.

“We constantly strive to surpass our customers' expectations, as to us, it's about: more than a smile,” commented Hans van de Velde, Managing Director at Arkefly. “We understand that things like offering AirFi make a big difference to the customer experience. It’s fun, helpful, easy, and it brings our customers in the holiday mood.”

“We are thrilled to be helping Arkefly re-define the guest experience,” commented Job Heimerikx, CEO of MI Airline. “Arkefly has a vision: to be in contact with their guests through whole journey – at every single touch-point. The AirFi box is not only being used as an entertainment or a service tool, but also as a sales and branding tool. The entire connected environment will be carefully architected to drive ancillary revenues and reinforce the Arkefly and TUI Group brands.”

Each AirFi box weighs 1.2 kilograms, is able to support high-quality streaming to as many as 50 users at once with a battery charge of up to 15 hours. AirFi boxes need just 4 hours to fully charge, download user data and update content.

Currently, Estonian and Transavia also employ the system.

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News : Emirates to launch enhanced headsets for economy class IFE

Emirates to launch enhanced headsets for economy class IFE

Emirates is to introduce redesigned headsets on all economy flights that are served by the airline's fleet of A380 aircraft from the end of June.

The new rectangle design will offer enhanced audio quality and reduce ambient cabin noise with improved ergonomic ear cushions for passenger comfort. They have been designed to enhance the airline’s award-winning ice in-flight entertainment system for economy. 

“Emirates economy class headsets are amongst the best in class for commercial airlines, and we’ve always recognised that sound quality is vitally important in creating an enjoyable entertainment experience," said Patrick Brannelly, divisional VP, customer experience (IFE & connectivity). "This new design will lift the audio quality to a new level, and now customers can completely immerse themselves in the broad variety of entertainment choices offered onboard."

Emirates’ new Airbus A380 and Boeing 777 aircraft offer the ice system on larger personal TV screens with HD resolution: 27-inch in First Class, 20-inch in Business Class and 12.1 inch in Economy Class.
There are plans to roll out the new headsets on the Boeing 777 fleet later in the year.
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News : WATS 2015: TRU turns training into a ‘Big Three’

WATS 2015: TRU turns training into a ‘Big Three’

The traditional ‘Big Two’ airline training companies, CAE and FlightSafety International, had a strong presence at the record-setting 18th annual World Aviation Training Conference and Tradeshow, otherwise known as WATS, held this week in Orlando, Florida, but a third major player is turning the simulator market into a buyer’s delight.

TRU Simulation + Training, created by Textron a year ago out of the acquisition of the former Opinicus Corporation and Mechtronix, dominated the conference buzz. TRU marked its first anniversary by announcing a pending deal with Pan Am International Flight Academy for an Airbus A320-200 Level D flight simulator using FFS X technology, an RSI image generator, and configured to Airbus standard 1.8.1. The device will be ready for training in September, and will be qualified to both US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and European Aviation Safety Association (EASA) standards. Pan Am is now owned by ANA Holdings and claims to operate the largest, most diverse fleet of full-motion simulators in the world.

FlightSafety International, which has a strong training presence among regional airlines, struck an agreement with Airbus Training Center, also in Miami, for an integrated ab initio training solution to the pilot shortage. Airbus will collaborate with the FlightSafety Academy in Vero Beach, Florida, to offer First Officer, Multi-Crew Pilot (MPL), and a North America Airline Transport Pilot-Certified Training Program (ATP-CTP). Through the programme, candidates with no prior flight time will become qualified as A320 First Officers.

CAE was awarded a contract to update Southwest Airlines’ fleet of CAE-built Boeing 737 simulators in Dallas, Texas, with new Tropos-6000XR visual systems, beginning in mid-2015. Among the features of the new XR system: dynamic shadows which correlate with the position of the sun; more than 250 up-to-date airport databases online via an internet portal; and a software utility which enables the airline to generate ground traffic and scenarios at each airport according to their preferences or training needs without using simulation downtime.

Civil airline full-flight simulation has become a commodity-like buyer’s market, especially in the past couple of years, driving prices down, as several vendors compete for the limited business. Among the other sim manufacturers vying for attention at WATS were Frasca International, L-3 Link Simulation & Training, Rockwell Collins, Lockheed Martin’s Sim Industries, and Venyo Aerospace.

WATS attracted nearly 1,100 attendees, and included more than 100 presentations in conference tracks for regional airline pilot training, major airline pilot training, a Spanish-language track, maintenance training, cabin crew training, and a new helicopter pilot training track.

Rick Adams, contributor, Low-Fare & Regional Airlines/
Miami, FL, USA

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News : Three more IAG airlines join Vueling in ELFAA after AEA exit

Three more IAG airlines join Vueling in ELFAA after AEA exit

The European Low Fares Airline Association (ELFAA) has welcomed three International Airlines Group (IAG) carriers – British Airways, Iberia and Iberia Express – as members of ELFAA, the trio joining fellow IAG carrier Vueling as members of the Association.

The three IAG airlines recently withdrew from the Association of European Airlines (AEA) over policy disagreements.

ELFAA secretary general John Hanlon commented, “ELFAA is pleased and proud to welcome British Airways, Iberia and Iberia Express and looks forward to representing such respected and successful airlines. This cements ELFAA’s position as the largest European airline group for passengers within Europe. Our new members will further strengthen our credentials as the major stakeholder group on European legislative and regulatory matters. They will add more weight to our voice on behalf of European consumers, who have benefited so greatly from the EU’s liberalisation of air transport.”

Willie Walsh, CEO of IAG, remarked, “We look forward to working with ELFAA and its member airlines on a full range of policy and regulatory issues including the pursuit of further aviation liberalisation.”

The existing ELFAA members being joined by the IAG threesome are easyJet, Flybe,, Norwegian Air Shuttle, Ryanair, Sverige Flyg,, Vueling, Volotea and Wizz Air.
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News : easyJet begins Liverpool–Zakynthos service

easyJet begins Liverpool–Zakynthos service

easyJet has inaugurated its new route from Liverpool John Lennon Airport (LJLA) to the Greek island of Zakynthos.

The service departs Liverpool each Thursday lunchtime throughout the summer and the airline is expected to fly 6,000 passengers between the destinations annually.

Mark Povall, director of air service development for Liverpool John Lennon Airport commented, ”Zakynthos is a great summer holiday destination and this new service now gives passengers from across the region the added convenience of being able to fly direct from their local airport. This new service will see increased numbers of passengers travelling from Liverpool in 2015 and a further growth in easyJet operations here.”

easyJet’s UK commercial manager Ali Gayward added, “We’re delighted to be adding Zakynthos to easyJet’s range of destinations from Liverpool. It’s really exciting to be here to see our first flight depart and highlights our commitment to providing affordable routes to summer destinations from Liverpool, which will also benefit inbound tourism to the city.

“Our Greek routes are proving extremely popular for those who wish to get some easy and affordable summer sun, and we’re sure that our new route and our 30th destination from Liverpool will be a success,” Gayward declared.
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News : Southwest announces record 1Q profit

Southwest announces record 1Q profit

Southwest Airlines has reported its results for the first quarter of 2015 (1Q15), which includes a record first quarter net income (excluding special items) of $451 million, an increase 266.7% over the net income in the first quarter of 2014 (excluding special items) of $126 million.

The company also had a record first quarter net income of $453 million including $2 million (net) of favourable special items, compared with 1Q14 net income of $152 million, which included $26 million (net) of favourable special items.  

Operating income in 1Q15 was also a record at $780 million. Excluding special items, 1Q15 operating income was $770 million.

The airline reported strong free cash flow of $859 million which was used to return $381 million to shareholders through dividends and share repurchases, and to repay $51 million in debt and capital lease obligations.

The return on invested capital, before taxes and excluding special items (ROIC) for the 12 months ended 31 March 2015, was 25.6%, compared with 14.2% for the 12 months ended 31 March 2014.

Gary Kelly, chairman of the board, president, and chief executive officer, commented, "We are thrilled to report an exceptionally strong first quarter 2015 earnings performance. Our net income excluding special items far surpasses any first quarter profit in our history and represents our eighth consecutive quarter of record profits. Our 1Q15 operating income, excluding special items, increased over 200 percent year-over-year resulting in a first quarter record 17.4% operating margin. These superb results earned our 47,000 hard-working and dedicated employees a first quarter record $126 million profitsharing accrual, up 334.5% from 1Q14.

"Total operating revenues were a first quarter record $4.4 billion, driven by a 6.2% year-over-year increase in passenger revenues and double-digit year-over-year percentage growth in freight revenues,” Kelly continued. “Customer demand was strong throughout 1Q15, resulting in a record first quarter load factor of 80.1%. As expected, first quarter 2015 passenger revenues grew in line with our available seat mile (ASM) growth of 6.0%, year-over-year. Considering the 4.1% increase in stage length and the 2.7% increase in seats per trip (gauge) from our fleet modernisation, year-over-year, we are very pleased with our first quarter 2015 unit revenue performance.

"We are delighted also with our unit cost trends, which continue to benefit from increased stage length, increased gauge, lower maintenance costs, and substantially lower fuel prices,” Kelly declared. “Our 1Q15 unit costs, excluding special items, declined 12.4% year-over-year. First quarter 2015 economic fuel costs were $2.00 per gallon, compared with $3.08 per gallon in first quarter 2014, resulting in over $450 million in economic fuel cost savings. Based on our existing fuel derivative contracts and market prices as of 16 April 2015, we estimate 2Q15 economic fuel costs per gallon will be comparable to 1Q15's $2.00 per gallon.”

Kelly added that the airline’s network optimisation is producing strong financial results. “We are pleased with the performance of our markets under development. We continue to project roughly 700 aircraft by year-end, and an approximate 7% year-over-year increase in ASMs versus 2014,” he noted.

As of 22 April 2015, Southwest had approximately $3.4 billion in cash and short-term investments, and a fully available unsecured revolving credit line of $1.0 billion. Net cash provided by operations during 1Q15 was $1.45 billion, capital expenditures were $573 million, and assets constructed for others, net of reimbursements, were $20 million, resulting in free cash flow of $859 million.
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News : Biman Bangladesh leases two Q400 NextGens from Smart Aviation

Biman Bangladesh leases two Q400 NextGens from Smart Aviation

Bombardier Commercial Aircraft has welcomed Biman Bangladesh Airlines to the family of Q400 operators following the carrier’s agreement with Smart Aviation Company for the lease of two Q400 NextGen turboprops.

"With Bangladesh's aviation sector experiencing an 8% annual growth rate, the Q400 NextGen aircraft will provide reliable, comfortable and affordable air connectivity to a number of destinations in Bangladesh," commented Kyle Haywood, managing director and chief executive officer, Biman. "This agreement represents another important step in our growth journey and fleet modernisation programme, and we are confident that the Q400 NextGen turboprop will be a key asset in helping Biman offer a high level of service to Bangladesh nationals and visitors alike."

While Biman's main hub is located at Shahjalal International Airport in Dhaka, it also operates flights from its secondary hubs at Shah Amanat International Airport in Chittagong and Osmani International Airport in Sylhet. The airline provides international passenger and cargo services to Asia and Europe, as well as major domestic routes inside Bangladesh. Biman has air service agreements with 42 countries and currently flies to 16 different countries.
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News : VLM inaugurates Southampton–Antwerp–Hamburg service

VLM inaugurates Southampton–Antwerp–Hamburg service

Southampton Airport and VLM Airlines have celebrated the the first flight of a daily service between Southampton, Antwerp and Hamburg.

Flights between Southampton and Hamburg will be linked via a stopover in Antwerp, home to the second largest port in Europe and known as a ‘petrochemical hub’. Hamburg, the second largest city in Germany, is another of Europe’s busiest international ports, with a 2014 throughput of 145.7 million tonnes.

Arthur White, CEO of VLM Airlines, commented, “Southampton is a great destination for travellers involved in the maritime industry. Additionally the leisure and tourism opportunities make this a really good fit for our network of linking the major ports of Europe.”

Dave Lees, managing director of Southampton Airport, added, “Not only does this new route suit many businesses in the area and locals wanting to visit these two beautiful cities, the new flights are perfect for those in Germany and Belgium starting cruises from Southampton, which is the cruise capital for northern Europe.”

Photo shows Southampton Airport MD Dave Lees (left) and VLM CEO Arthur White.
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News : Thales partners with Zinio to deliver IFE magazine app

Thales partners with Zinio to deliver IFE magazine app

Thales has announced a partnership with Zinio to deliver the latter’s Android in-flight application for digital magazines via the Thales app portal.
This will allows passengers access to over 6,000 titles in 33 languages; the world’s largest digital newsstand of leading international magazine content. The app allows passengers to experience Zinio’s range of digital magazine features including interactive tables of content and options of simplified reading for long-form features.
"Zinio is excited to make available our popular digital publications through Thales's leading IFE solutions," said Joan Solà, Zinio EVP chief global markets. "Air travel and magazines have a long-standing relationship and Zinio's service will serve to evolve the experience, while also eliminating the logistical costs of supporting print."  
"Our portfolio of open architecture IFE systems are strengthened when companies such as Zinio enable enhanced content distribution," said Dominique Giannoni, CEO, Thales InFlyt Experience.
Zinio is also developing an HTML5 in-flight app for Thales wireless capabilities to deliver to passengers own devices. It is expected to go live this summer.
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News : APEX Multimedia Market: Air Canada’s Éric Lauzon and accessible IFE

APEX Multimedia Market: Air Canada’s Éric Lauzon and accessible IFE

Air Canada’s manager of IFE, Éric Lauzon, led a discussion about ways airlines can make in-flight entertainment (IFE) more accessible for passengers with visual or hearing impairment during Education Day at APEX Multimedia Market in Prague this week.
Lauzon described how Air Canada commissioned two focus groups in conjunction with Ipsos Reid and DTI Solutions, before developing an enhanced graphical user interface (GUI). The groups noted how hearing and visually impaired passengers were not engaging with the IFE system in-flight despite using technology to assist in their everyday lives on the ground. By observing how these passengers interacted with current GUIs, for example how well they responded to vocal instructions and whether navigation paths were easy to memorise, Air Canada was able to develop an enhanced IFE.
DTI Solutions then developed a prototype GUI with swipe and touch gestures, physical buttons in the handset, identifiable colours in menus screens and simple vocal instructions that could be repeated.
Air Canada now employs this enhanced GUI on all its IFE, while further tactile audio templates that can be installed by trained crew, increases its IFE offering to visually and hearing impaired passengers.
“Air Canada is proud to be the first airline to offer an IFE system that is fully accessible for all passengers – regardless of their hearing of visual impairment,” said Lauzon.
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News : ALTO Aviation launches IFE passenger interface solution

ALTO Aviation launches IFE passenger interface solution

ALTO Aviation has announced the launch of a new line of in-flight entertainment (IFE) interface keypads which will offer flexible switches enhancing the passenger experience.

Under the umbrella name of ALTO Acapella the series of keypads are specifically designed for smaller aircraft cabins with no IFE, for ease of retrofitting Legacy IFE systems, and are independent of any currently installed CMS/cabin control systems. The series includes headphone keypads, VIP keypads, Baker DECU replacement keypads and tethered keypads and all require no interior modifications to install.

“The ALTO keypads offer our customers with off the shelf solutions that provide the controls for headphone and entertainment selection,” said Kevin Hayes, VP of sales and marketing. “Where other vendors require a custom production per order, our solutions are predefined and in stock for quick delivery."

"Our ability to meet expedited deliveries would be impeded by a typical 6-8 week production lead time, so we took matters into our own hands and now provide customers a turn-key solution," continued Hayes. "Now our selection has grown to include other keypad variants beyond our initial release. We are so excited to add these keypads to our product offering.”
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News : easyJet’s 250th Airbus delivered

easyJet’s 250th Airbus delivered

easyJet and Airbus have celebrated the delivery of the airline’s 250th Airbus A320 family aircraft at a ceremony in Hamburg where Carolyn McCall, easyJet CEO, Jean-Paul Ebanga, CFM International president and CEO, Didier Evrard, Airbus EVP and head of programmes, and Christopher Buckley, Airbus EVP Europe, Africa and Asia-Pacific were all present.

The airline’s newest A320 has a special livery featuring 250 miniature aircraft making up the milestone figure. As with other recent deliveries to easyJet, the A320 is equipped with the latest technology and fuel-saving Sharklets.

easyJet CEO Carolyn McCall remarked, “Taking delivery of our 250th Airbus helps us to continue to make travel easy and affordable. This milestone symbolizes the long term and successful partnership between Airbus and easyJet. It was only four years ago that we celebrated our 200th aircraft delivery. At that time easyJet then became the world’s youngest airline to reach a fleet of 200 Airbus aircraft also achieving it in the fastest time.”

Asked about the timeframe for delivery of the next 50 aircraft, McCall replied, “The fleet plan is flexible, so I cannot give a definite date. But we’d be disappointed if we weren’t at 300 by 2019.”

As to how those upcoming deliveries, including A320neos, would be used, McCall said the airline would expand by a combination of increased frequencies as well as new bases. “The split will be about 70% to thickening routes and 30% from new bases,” she added.

McCall was also asked about UK airport capacity problems – especially around London – once the upcoming general election there is over. “I think 1964 was when they first mentioned a 6-runway airport at (London) Heathrow,” she recalled, noting that the matter has always been highly political. “[The addition of capacity] depends on what government is elected, or what coalition might emerge. I just hope [the Davis report] can get clear-cut political backing.

“We’ve said that for us (London) Gatwick is brilliant. They’ve invested a lot and we have around 60 aircraft based there. But passengers and airlines want more at Heathrow – that’s where the UK demand is,” McCall added.

easyJet has 158 aircraft currently on order, and in terms of total aircraft orders is Airbus’s third biggest airline customer. Currently easyJet flies 85 A320s (180 seats) and 149 A319s (156 seats).

Bernie Baldwin, editor, Low-Fare & Regional Airlines/
Hamburg, Germany

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News : JetBlue updated app for Apple Watch now available

JetBlue updated app for Apple Watch now available

JetBlue Airways has announced an update to its smartphone/tablet app to add Apple Watch capabilities.

JetBlue for Apple Watch aims to “make the travel experience more streamlined than ever during a customer's journey”. The Apple Watch app also builds on the existing ability to use Apple Pay on board flights with JetBlue.

"We've always looked at innovative ways to improve the customer experience, especially through new technologies," said Blair Koch, vice-president commercial and shared development services, JetBlue. "Apple Watch is a product that will allow us to enter into a whole new realm of digital possibilities for travellers.

"When integrated with iPhone's Passbook, JetBlue for Apple Watch will eliminate the need to print paper boarding passes or continually retrieve a customer's Apple device from a bag, pocket or purse,” Koch added.

Features of the app include: the Glance Screen, which allows quick updates without launching the app and includes flight information, terminal and gate information and flight status; the Countdown Screen, which displays flight and flight status information, a 24-hour countdown to boarding and departure, arrival, seat and gate information; and the Mobile Boarding Pass (MBP) Screen, which allows customers to have a MBP on their wrist and with Passbook can be scanned at the TSA checkpoint and at the gate. Additional functions include flight status notifications, arrival message and destination weather.

"With JetBlue for Apple Watch, we've created an app that's all about convenience and efficiency," noted Michael Stromer, vice-president digital loyalty and customer insights, JetBlue. "At a glance, customers will get the right information at the right time during their travel experience. At the same time we've improved the app experience for all users on any iOS device.

"The JetBlue Apple Watch app is the latest in a series of technology enhancements the airline is rolling out aimed at customer convenience. Earlier this year, JetBlue began distributing iPad minis to its inflight crewmembers, giving them electronic access to customer manifest, flight data and other features to provide the best experience possible to JetBlue customers. At the same time, JetBlue became the first domestic [US] carrier to accept Apple Pay in the sky. Now, with the release of Apple Watch, customers can use the watch for Apple Pay transactions,” declared Stromer.

Additionally, updates to JetBlue's app extend beyond Apple Watch. iOS users will notice various new features, including a new launch screen, an extended DirecTV schedule, and a new travel indicator for connecting to Fly-Fi, airlien’s broadband internet service.
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News : Volaris reports Ps301m profit for 1st quarter

Volaris reports Ps301m profit for 1st quarter

Volaris has announced its financial results for the first quarter of 2015 (1Q15), featuring a net income of Ps306 million, with a net margin of 8.1%, a net margin improvement of 21.4 percentage points over the same period last year (1Q14).

Total 1Q15 operating revenues reached Ps3,768 million, an increase of 35.8% year-over-year. Non-ticket revenues in 1Q15 increased 64.6% with non-ticket revenue per passenger increasing 41.6% to Ps337. The total operating revenue per available seat mile (TRASM) increased to 123.8 Mexican cents in 1Q15, an increase of 22.4% year over year.

Operating expenses per available seat mile (CASM) in 1Q15 decreased 5.5% year over year to 112.5 Mexican cents.

During 1Q15, the net increase of cash and cash equivalents was Ps862 million mainly driven by the resources provided by operating activities of Ps949 million. Unrestricted cash and cash equivalents was Ps3,156 million ($208 million), representing 21% of the last twelve month’s total revenues.

Volaris’s CEO Enrique Beltranena commented, "Volaris's strong performance for the first three months of 2015 are evidence of the hard work and excellent execution to improve financial performance following a very challenging year. We continue to diversify our network and strengthen our unbundled product strategy, increasing our international presence and growing non-ticket revenues while maintaining cost discipline. We are committed to continue building solid foundations towards a strong and profitable 2015."

Volaris booked 2.5 million passengers in 1Q15, up 16.2% over 1Q14. Revenue passenger miles increased by 10.0% for the respective periods.
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